Wedding Favors




Your wedding is one of the most unique experiences of your life. Don’t you want your guests to take home a piece of the experience that is equally exclusive? At Happiness Bars, we concentrate on personalizing wedding favours that are sure to satisfy every couple.


Our chocolate bars are made from exquisite Belgian cocoa, and the topping variety is infinite. Characterize your wedding bar to match your individuality. Are you a spicy duo? Choose toppings like black pepper or chilli flakes to complement rich floral notes in our darkest bar. Maybe the two of you are kids at heart. Sprinkle milk chocolate bars with sour patch or strawberry drops exploding with fruity flavor. Wild risk takers? Try white chocolate with sweet amlaand banana chips. Your chocolaty wish is our command.


Perhaps you’re an indecisive pair. Go with our mini bars sole made of luscious, dreamy  chocolate. We have white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate. However, you’ll still have to decide between those three. We can’t help with that; we love them all the same!


Add some personality to your wedding favours; your own! 


 Only at Happiness Bars can you:

- Choose from over 50 premium ingredients and three types of chocolate bases to make a personalized wedding favour that fits your wedding theme. 

- Add an edible image to your wedding favours that is placed directly on the chocolate. Your wedding date, a phrase, or even a picture you name it! 


- Create a custom label for the back of our box with your very own wedding design.


Popular options include: the names of the bride and groom, messages to your guests, or a picture of the couple.