Corporate Gift





Signature Bars:

Pick You Ingredients:

Choose from dark, milk and white Chocolate and add up to five ingredients from the selection of over 50. With so many options you will surely find the best fit for your event theme!

Label on packaging:

Customize the back of our signature sleeve with your artwork. On this ­­­­______ label you have plenty of space for a thank you note, company logo, or picture. Get creative!


Happiness Mini Bars:

Quantity Price with Happiness Bars tag Price with Custom-printed tag
>50 pcs
Rs. 90
Rs. 99
>100 pcs
Rs. 82
Rs. 90
>200 pcs
Rs. 75
Rs. 83
>500 pcs
Rs. 67
Rs. 73
>1000 pcs
Rs. 60
Rs. 65